Housekeeping Information (Conftool E-Mail from July 7)

here are some additional news that you may find helpful (primarily for the on-site participants, my apologies to online participants for the additional e-mail traffic):

Check-in for workshop attendees will start Monday and Tuesday at the RESOWI building at 8am. Check-in at the Messecongress venue will start on Tuesday at 4pm and on Wednesday to Friday at 8am.

You can find all the information about the locations and times of the workshops either in the Whova conference app or on our conference website

We are bound for some of the hottest days Graz will experience this summer! Please be aware that the workshop rooms have no air-condition, so stay hydrated and dress comfortably. The conference venue at the Messe Congress Graz has air-condition. Also, tab water in Graz has very good quality (we also will have beverages waiting for you throughout the week, but you can trust Austrian tab water to be perfectly drinkable and refreshing). 

There will be a free shuttle bus service from the RESOWI building (the Workshops’ venue) to the Messecongress (the Conference venue) on Tuesday at 5:15pm and 5:45pm.

Each session will have two volunteers assigned for technical and organizational support.

There will be five Persons of Confidence at the DH2023, who will be there for supporting you and caring for your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact Diane Jakacki, Michael Eberle Sinatra, Nirmala Menon, Martina Scholger and Roman Bleier. You can recognize them by their yellow name badges!

There are no COVID-19 restrictions in Austria anymore. However, we have FFP2 face masks available at the info point, in case you would like one. There are also hand desinfectants in the hallways and toilets.

Misplaced your badge? Have queries or a headache? Look for someone in a blue conference shirt or  a yellow lanyard, or head to the check-in/info point and we will do our best to support you.