Presenter Information

The Book of Abstracts has now been published on Zenodo:

The Whova Conference App which will allow you to plan your own schedule, interact with others, and get information about the programme and venues is available at .
Register with the same e-mail address that you are using for Conftool and you are good to go!

Additional Information for Online Participants

All conference sessions will also be streamed through a dedicated online platform at .
The recordings will remain available to all online and on-site participants after the conference and provided alongside the presentation slides, and additionally as audio-only podcasts.

Online presentations are possible for individual panel contributions, short paper, and long paper presentations Poster and workshop contributions are exclusively on-site formats. Online participation in the Workshops and the Poster Reception is not possible.
If you cannot give your presentation on-site, please send us a pre-recorded video of your presentation by July 3, 24:00 CET. The video can be in one of the following formats: MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV.

There will be a moderated chat function on the website which will allow for comments and questions by online participants. Therefore, online presenters will be expected to be online and present at their designated session, so that they can react to questions from the audience using the chat interface.
There will not be a fully interactive live online setting (with audio and video).
The recordings of each session will remain available to all online and on-site participants after the conference. They will be provided alongside the presentation slides, but also as audio-only podcasts.

Additional Information for On-Site Participants

There are presentation notebooks in all workshop and conference venues. You can also use your own notebooks for your presentation, but we ask you to bring (non-standard) adapters and arrive a few minutes early for your session, so that our Volunteers can make sure that your presentation and the technical setup work.
We would appreciate if you provide your slides in PPT or PDF format, but will do our best to accomodate other presentation formats as well.

You will receive a 3-Day-Ticket for Graz’ public transport upon registration.
At the Messe Congress Graz (July 12 to 14), we will provide full-day catering, with coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks throughout the day, as well as a light lunch at noon.