DH2023 Post-Production notes

It has already been a week since the ADHO Digital Humanities 2023 Conference (DH2023) has ended.
Thank you all once again for your academic contributions to the conference, but also for the benevolent and  communicative vibe which truely made the conference motto “Collaboration as Opportunity” come alive.

The recordings of all conference sessions are available online to all registered participants of DH2023 through https://online.dh2023.adho.org
The platform will remain online for up to a year, but we actually plan to publish all of the recordings open access on Zenodo (or another freely accessible platform) after a period of 6 months.
There is currently post-processing going on, so that we can provide the individual presentations and not just the full session recording.

The Opening Keynote by Sarah Kenderdine and the Closing Keynote by Claire Ferndandez are both freely available through a playlist dedicated to the conference on the DH_Graz Youtube Channel, where we also published our teaser videos and will soon share the “impressions and recap” video of DH2023: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1nBdNg-12qlJS-MUC3tIFUPodzVMtMBa

The Whova App (https://dh2023.events.whova.com/) will remain available at least until October 14, but we are looking into extending availability to half a year and will keep you informed about how that develops.

You are cordially invited to upload your slides/presentations to our DH2023 Zenodo Community: https://zenodo.org/communities/dh2023graz/

If you require any invoices or certificates of participation, you can find and download them directly from your Conftool profile on https://www.conftool.pro/dh2023
Should you require a different/more detailed document or any other conference-related assistance, please get back to us at dh2023@uni-graz.at

Have a beautiful summer!
Your DH2023 Local Organizing Team