Final Abstract Upload

Authors and co-authors are now invited to upload your updated, final and “camera-ready” abstracts in Conftool.
The deadline for the final upload is May 1, 2023 24:00 pm CET.

For the final uploads we will use DH Convalidator:

  1. Please login to the DH Convalidator at:
  2. Use your Conftool login for DH2023 and the tool will automatically show you the contributions which you have submitted as an author.
    Please keep in mind that only the submitting author of a contribution will be able to run this process!
  3. DH Convalidator will then provide you with .docx or .odt templates for you to enter your final abstract.
    When filling out these templates, please stick to the paragraph styles provided by the templates and carefully read (and follow) the text submission guidelines.
  4. Once you are done, please upload the thus created file into DH Convalidator again, which will then generate a standardized TEI-XML document which we can process further.
  5. Download the .dhc file
  6. Upload it to using the Final Upload link next to your submission.

Please make sure to observe the word limits for the submission types:

  • Posters: up to 750 words
  • Short Presentations: up to 750 words
  • Long Presentations: up to 1000 words
  • Panels: up to 500 words +250 words for each indivdual panelist’s paper
  • Workshops and Tutorials: up to 1500 words

References and Bibliography are NOT counted towards the word limits!
As a reminder, you can consult the original Call for Papers.