Notifications on Acceptances and Rejections!

The notifications on acceptance and rejection of submissions to the conference have been sent today!
Competition for acceptance was very tough, due to the large number (759) and great quality of the submitted proposals. We are looking forward to seeing 386 great contributions at the conference, and regret to miss out on 373 which unfortunately didn’t make it into the program.

The acceptance scores are as follows:

  • Long Papers: 108 of 235 submissions accepted (45,96%)
  • Short Papers: 125 of 292 submissions accepted (42,81%)
  • Posters: 112 of 156 submissions accepted (71,79%)
  • Panels: 16 of 43 submissions accepted (37,21%)
  • Workshops: 25 of 33 submissions accepted (75,75%)
    The overall acceptance rate (across all submission formats) is 50,86%.

We will soon provide additional information about uploading the final, camera-ready version of abstracts to the authors of accepted contributions.
We will use DH Convalidator for this process (opening the upload to Conftool at the end of March), in order to guarantee a common format and comparatively easy export for the creation of the Book of Abstracts. The deadline for uploading your final versions will be May 1, 2023.